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An Analysis of Oil painting.

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An Analysis of Oil painting. Empty An Analysis of Oil painting.

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An Analysis of Oil painting.
Writing painting belongs to figurative art in artistic form, which is a means of expression of painting. Through the observation and description of external objects, artists experience their own feelings and understanding and reproduce external objects. This kind of art works accord with the visual experience of the viewer and provide the viewer with sensory aesthetic pleasure.
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Writing painting originates from the West and has a long history and profound tradition. Painting grew in the European Renaissance, after 500 years of glory, produced many art masters, masters and immortal works in the history of art. Before the century, people never doubted that the whole history of western art was the history of painting. There has been such a thing: the emergence of cameras and photography once made people doubt the function of writing paintings. In fact, photography can not replace painting, and external challenges will force the art itself to be more artistic, which is determined by the self-discipline of art. The western art in the 20th century broke the domination of the classical writing tradition, especially the birth of the concept of modern art, greatly broadened the territory of art, art schools are numerous, colorful, began to move towards a new world of diversity. As one of the forms of painting, writing painting still has a place, at the same time, there is no lack of artists and works.
There is a broad market for writing painting. For most of the century, the world of painting is still in full bloom, which is mainly due to the support and promotion. The French academic school writing painting represented by Xu Beihong and the Russian Chesjakov academic teaching method are regarded as orthodox, artistic practice and teaching have been limited to this mode for a long time, engaged in service-oriented thematic creation. In the closed program, one thing should be recognized by Chinese and foreign artists, that is, artists' painstaking efforts to study painting techniques have been greatly improved.
With the opening of the national door, the trend of modern art roared in. In the 1980s, the painting world really showed fission, the consciousness of diversity was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and art began to be in line with the world, trying and trying to develop synchronously with the world trend. How to write about the fate of painting, which was once regarded as traditional and orthodox, how to write painting was once caught in a dilemma in the ideological trend of modern art. It seems that writing painting is regarded as a synonym for closeness and conservatism. Under this premise, insisting on the academic position becomes very pale and weak. In addition, since art entered the field of circulation as a commodity, because the operation of the art market is not satisfactory, and because the market and academic are not synchronized, some artists prefer to compete in the market. It makes the academic image of writing painting (of course, not limited to painting) a little worse. However, writing painting as a pluralistic one, its own artistic mission and artistic charm still does not reduce its elegant demeanor after many storms. Judging from the artistic practice shown in recent years, artists of writing style at least give us the following tips:
First of all, artists pay more attention to the expression of painting language, make full use of the carrier of oil painting to care for life, pay attention to the relationship between people and society. The style of painting language is different, emphasizing the prominence of self-appearance. In addition, the artist absorbed the use of a variety of materials in practice (part of the credit should be attributed to the teaching of materials and techniques of Evier and Bincas), and the effect of the picture was obvious in the 1980s and 1990s. After comparison, what is more eye-catching is the integration of the concept of modern art. Many artists interpret and express their minds from a new point of view in their works, and put forward refreshing artistic propositions. People call it neoclassicism, new representationism, new easel painting and so on. We can call it neo-writingism.
In short, writing painting has an irresistible charm and irreplaceable function. If so many artists devote themselves to it and devote themselves to sharpening it, they will be able to reproduce the scenery.
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